All about Startups, Innovative SMEs and Venture Capital from the Italian tech and startup ecosystem.

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Venturezine is a new multichannel media for the Italian startup ecosystem: magazine, news, events and directory.

A clear, accessible and efficient channel to communicate with, tell and inform those inside and outside the ecosystem, for whom is part of it as well as those who want to know and understand what is happening in Italy.

Venturezine was born also and above all to talk about the Italian ecosystem to the many foreign operators already interested in operating in Italy and to those who could be, having sources and tools to be informed about what is happening in Italy that is interesting and promising.

To all we promise seriousness, transparent rules of engagement, absolute neutrality and commitment to verify the sources and information that will find space in our channels.

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How it works

With a CREATOR account on Venturezine you can share all kinds of content of interest to the industry: news about every stage of the project (birth, new product launch, partnership, investor search, round obtained, etc.) but also talk about your own experience inside and outside the ecosystem.

All shared content is categorized and indexed in a way that makes it easy for other operators and all readers to browse it and find information.

Venturezine works in a very simple way:

1) The operator (startup, SME, incubator, etc.) registers;
2) The operator obtains personal access credentials as a CREATOR;
3) The operator enters content whenever they want, using simple online forms and guided steps;
4) Venturezine checks content for errors (typo, technical, classification, etc.) or spam;
5) Venturezine publishes the content on all its channels.